Jul 29, 2008

What a weekend...

One of my friends is going back to Germany today, so we threw him a crazy dinner+club outing last sat. If you're ever in the City (san fran) and you happen to come on the 2nd or the 4th Sat of the month, you HAVE to hit up BOOTIESF.com . It's not a trendy place or a hipster place, but it's just good ol' fun with no inhibitions ;) Will get pictures up once i get them from his camera, but they're mostly of the boys we partied with humping each other, lol! and these are straight boys mind you, so even more HILARIOUS... anyhow, been way to busy with writing, mostly at home, so have been in jammies for almost a week, eeK! but today I ended that but can't decide which jacket to use. I'll probably use the white one for the day time and transition to the charcoal one when the sun sets ;)

Dress: from my 6th grade graduation! yes I still fit in it except it used to be past my knee. I really did grow!
White jacket: Anne Klein, thrifted with tags still attached, so lucky
Charcoal jacket: Christian Dior vintage, ebay
shoes: ninewest peep-toe oxfords


karla said...

AHHHH! you know I LOVE them! the white one is the perfect cut and the gray one is just brilliant, looks so versatile.

ifyouonlyknew said...

thank you for ur input ;) they are def going into my fall rotation... :D I'm smiling so wide just thinking about all the outfits!

Always In Style said...

What wonderful outfits - I'm jealous that you can fit into your 6th grade dress!

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