Nov 25, 2008

been M.I.A. cus...

...all I wanna do is BANG BANG BANG! *click* kaChing! ... and take ur money...

seriously been MIA (missing in action) and stuck in front of a computer or class or lab working... working and working... But last weekend, went up to the City to get some yummy Zuppa and gelato in North Beach ;P YUM

this leather jacket IS DANGER. it smells like a bad ass biker chic. a small one at that too (It fits me, so my size which is a shortie), but nonetheless gotta be a bad ass. It smells like it's been drenched in smoke and beer. The 1999 punker in me wants to stud this bad boy and sew on a patch! but I will refrain for now.

leather seems to be all I want to wear. I altered to leather skirts for me and yuki which I'm dying to get a chance to wear (hook it up yuki! SD party! what what!) oka...nuff playing, back to work work work :*(
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