Jul 31, 2008

FABSUGAR look of the day ;)

I check fabsugar regularly, as a matter of fact all the sugar pages because it's pretty broad in topic and light hearted entertainment. So this morning when I did my daily perusing, look what I found...


Jul 30, 2008

If I were an ad campaign...

... I would be D&G pre fall ;)
it's plaid + leopard + leather = all the things I love and somehow never considered adding together until now !

this last look def is going on the to-do list....minus the ruffles, but + leopard & leather

Travel with your best Shoes on: Tracey Neuls

walking unfamiliar roads, talking to new people.
all can start from shoes.


  • a London-based footwear designer.

  • Jul 29, 2008


    ... they arrived... boy's dockers that is...

    it's no secret that i love men's clothes so when thesartorlialist depicted picture after picture of men in rolled beige pleated slacks, I wanted to get some to try this trend. My first instinct was to go to H&M, but the ones I found were so just way too over the edge baggy. So then my next step was to look through consignment stores in the boys section, no luck this time. last but not least, EBAY! and tadada, found a perfect pair that were slightly loose, pleated and tapered. Also, my JS zippered booties are making their debut ;) already in love <3

    What a weekend...

    One of my friends is going back to Germany today, so we threw him a crazy dinner+club outing last sat. If you're ever in the City (san fran) and you happen to come on the 2nd or the 4th Sat of the month, you HAVE to hit up BOOTIESF.com . It's not a trendy place or a hipster place, but it's just good ol' fun with no inhibitions ;) Will get pictures up once i get them from his camera, but they're mostly of the boys we partied with humping each other, lol! and these are straight boys mind you, so even more HILARIOUS... anyhow, been way to busy with writing, mostly at home, so have been in jammies for almost a week, eeK! but today I ended that but can't decide which jacket to use. I'll probably use the white one for the day time and transition to the charcoal one when the sun sets ;)

    Dress: from my 6th grade graduation! yes I still fit in it except it used to be past my knee. I really did grow!
    White jacket: Anne Klein, thrifted with tags still attached, so lucky
    Charcoal jacket: Christian Dior vintage, ebay
    shoes: ninewest peep-toe oxfords

    Gloomy summer

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    Jul 24, 2008

    Some credits to my dada.

    Although he currently is a gumpy-lookin golf-shop owning greasy 50 year old, he did have his stylish days when he was in his 20s too. I hear about his fashion legends of having an afro, laced up boots and pantalones.. undoubtfully sounding like a fashion catastrophe. but I did find some photos that prove this that I was over exadderating and misinterpreting... thank goodness. I don't hate him anymore, yay! This is just a picture of him in his college days performing in a soulrock band with his rider jacket back in 1975... I wonder why he didn't stick to this style... black leather rider jackets in the green fairway. that's badasssssssssse.

    Jul 23, 2008


    cuuute stuff.
    I dig the dress layered on to the button up with wider sleeves.
    print fitted T with wide box-minis skirts.

    Suburban frowns

    Living in the suburban area in San diego, wearing whatever I feel like
    tends to be interpreted as expressing bold materialism. I'm only
    hoping I'm making their day a bit stranger than usual. <3 caffeinecat

    Jul 21, 2008

    Rodnik: Moscow Fashion

    who woulda thought that 90s short mushroom bob-cut was so hot again? but it looks super assertive with the Rodnik dresses.. beautiful.

    I'm curious about the deep pleated tulip skirt on the right... I got a similar kind at BCBG but tid bit longer which made my calves look super short!! you think wearing them shorter might resolve it or skank it? yay or nay? let me know what you think.

    Jul 20, 2008

    first time wearing my cobalt blue flats...

    Finally got my color fix !

    since i can't wear anything too short for work... I'm stuck with rolling my walking/city/bermuda shorts... I'm getting a weird half leg tans *yuck*

    long gray sweater (vint, dad's from the 80s), beige shorts (express), cobalt blue flats (nine west)

    So I've had side-swept bangs for... oh about 7 years. Since my last hair cut I convinced myself that I should grow out my bangs completely. Well.. I got as far as below

    .... almost there, about another 2 inches and my bangs would have been gone. But then this last week, I got the urge to have a bangs. So out came the scissors and inspired by Brigette Bardot's bangs .... or my interpretation for my face and hair type... I started chopping

    outcome: straight and side-swept ;) ... also excuse the wierd faces... i got bored :P
    I still remember the time when I first learned about Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (NAS). I was a junior in HS, and one of my best-girlfriends, Kara who was always a very classy dresser, was showing me all these items she just bought with her step-mother from the NAS. It was in the dead of summer, and she had just bought some killer booties and a leather jacket. my first impression was WTF, but then she told me the 411 about NAS. For those of you whom still don't really know about, the idea is GENIUS! Each summer, Nordstrom has it's sale which isn't like regular sales. They put FALL items on sale. Not from last season, but for the up-and-coming season. Isn't that mind blowing? Well it was for me. Since then, every July, I anticipate the upcoming NAS and peruse my closet to plan what I need to buy ;) The following are my potential purchases... I may buy them from NAS or from another "cheaper" source .

    Now if only i had a spare $600 ... hmm eating nothing but ramen noodles for a whole month may be worth it! :P

    all images from nordstrom

    Jul 18, 2008

    Last minute night out

    Lookin tiny.
    I sleep in peoples pockets sometimes.

    Only intension for me to go out tonight, is to get a grasp of energy
    from others at a crowded bar. I'm training to be a nerdy adult and
    staring at a computer screen for hours just drained my brain and
    mood.. I'm off to go absord youth from young cute men. Muahaha

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