Aug 27, 2008


In the previous entry showing, HEL-LOOKS: Fashion Street Snap of Helsinki, I really craved Dr. Martens... And look what happened.
I love it...I only wish my instant motivation applied everywhere else other than shopping. Well off to campus. bye!

Aug 26, 2008

DIY dress form tutorial

I started this dress form with the intention of getting help from my boyfriend... however it took so long to pre-cut the pieces of tape I ended up doing it all by myself because he passed out, lol!.... so it's possible to do this all by yourself, however having a helping hand would make it so much easier, but I got a good stretching out of my arms, :P

- black garbage bag
- duct tape
- gummed paper tape, cut/ripped into 6-8 inch lengths
- sponge
- preparation time: 30minutes - 1hr
- taping time: 1-2hr depending on whether you have help or not

1) cut a neck hole and arm hole in the black garbage bag. Wrap an 1 inch wide length of duct tape below the bust line.

2) with another 1 inch wide length of duct tape, cross the strip over the chest and around your neck.

3) wrap another 1 inch wide length of paper tape around the narrowest part of your waist. Start placing short lengths of tape around neck area for stabilizing and starting everything off.

4) Place 6 inch length paper tape horizontally across the collar bone and chest area. Reinforce the horizontal strips with vertical strips.

5) Continue to past the waist to the hips.

6) Finishing off past the bum and mid-thigh.

7) I messed up cut up the front to get the cast off me, but I didn't have help to cut it up the back, which is what you should do.

Now paper tape up the cut area to reattach the two sides and VOILA, you have a dress form. Make end stops by using cardboard boxes in the shape of the neck, arm and bottom hole. You can fill the form with basting, newspaper, scraps of cloth, what have you. I had a mixture of scraps of cloths and newspaper. The cloth makes the form more heavy and stable. I also made a cover for the form to make it look a more presentable sitting in my living room, which took less than 10 minutes.

GOOD LUCK everyone, if you have questions feel free to ask me ;)

As tiny as I am. borrowing brother's shirt's the last thing I do... but the red shirt I'm wearing in this pictures just gotta be one of those well worth to snatch. 

Aug 25, 2008

D.I.Y. personalized dress form

... I believe I told caffeinecat about my DIY dress form like a month ago and finally it's making its debut b/c well I STILL can't find the darn camera charger and haven't been able to take the last/final pictures of it... so camera phone action again, lol :P BUT HERE IT IS!!! DIY instructions will follow... sometime this week ;)

It's been immensely helpful with all my vintage alterations because I used to pin/sew clothing while I wore them, lol!

yes, yes it's a tad lumpy ( explanations later with the D.I.Y. tutorial) but it doesn't effect the overall function of the dress form :P

Aug 21, 2008


When you ever walk around the streets of Japan, you may see a bright red block with a solid white arial lettering sign that says "DesignTShirtStoreGraniph". GO IN. Graniph is a specialty T-shirts shop that provides nothing more than $30 for Shirts and $60 for parkas. You won't run in to any other girls or boys wearing them for sure.

Aug 20, 2008

Chai Soda... was a Bad... Choice

and so are the Kanye Stunna Shades.

They don't look flattering,
the two opposites combined together to fulfill no purpose.

You Drink Chai Soda and all you get is a big ol' bloated Tummy from milk and soda and a sour mouth from milk.
You rock them shutter shades and all you get is trying to figure out all the blind spots while squinting to avoid sun light that gets in in between.

I just hope eventually there won't be Shutter hats, Bras or Shoes coming out any time soon. But I won't be surprised.

Helsinki Candid: HEL LOOKS

I forgot how I came across to this website but I think Street Snaps are always the cutest way to catch people looking cute. Makes (at least) me wanna believe you can walk around and spot people wearing the most unbelievable combinations of colors people can imagine. HEL LOOKS is one of the friendliest sites I like to stroll. Credits to Helsinki for the spirit. Where would I spot there people in the day time in SD?? BTW> I've been meaning to find colored Dr.Martens like the guy in this photo for myself. Any good websites to check?? Hmm.

Aug 17, 2008

camera phone action...

the boy & I cleaned the whole house and still I couldn't find the camera charger. I had vowed to stop using my camera phone, but I liked my outfit so much today that I just had to take a picture of it. Lately I've been seeing a few bloggers turning their zippered skirts into dresses by leaving the top slightly un-zipped. This neat trick immediately made me think of my elie tahari skirt I bought last fall. I love this skirt, because the shear layer has the same print as the silk under layer which gives it a great visual effect.

dress: elie tahari
braided rope leather belt: vint
military-inspired jacket: boy's diesel
flats: haurache's by unisa

Aug 16, 2008

been busy as a bee...

a sewing bee that is...For the last two weeks I've been working on my qualification exam, scheduled for Sept 3rd. A few hours a day, I would take a "break" from the reading/thinking/writing and work on my "projects", which include:
1) making a personalized dress form
2) altering the neck, waist and length of a purple leopard print dress (i swear it isn't as tacky as it sounds, actually quite gorgeous imo).
3) convert a tartan shirt into tartan paper bag skirt
4) convert a 80's poof dress into a skirt
5) convert a plain knee length pencil skirt into a mini zippered skirt inspired by F08

Boy have I done a lot! did i even have time to work on my proposal? lol I will have pictures up as SOON as i find my camera charger, doh!

come back soon to see my how-to guides for making your very own dress form and before&after shots of all my creations ;)


Aug 8, 2008

Creepers any one?

who wears them anymore? geez.

Aug 5, 2008

Boots. Starting this summer.

Do you remember how they came out with those J-Lo bootsfew years back?
My ex used to hate them but I was secretly curious. I wonder if he still thinks it's hideous.. But now he rocks plaid button up with some tapered denim and works at a fixed gear shop.
so bootie x4 everywhere. apparently it's not a season faux pas to be wearing them at this time. wear them and cherish them because even people in California are rocking them in the hot sun already.

Aug 4, 2008

just don't: altered shorts and inner pocket exposures.

High waisted shorts are one challenge that could come out with dramatically different results... shortened shorts with pockets hanging out from the hem is one thing that's probably won't come out as anything but a huge waste of time!! I mean I had few occasions when I ran in to someone who wasn't as bad as Chloe Sevigny here... but Chloe certainly had some strive to get something out of her cut-off jeans.. don't recycle mom-jeans for one thing. If you don't look like a beach girl, you just can't pull those off period. enough said.
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