Aug 16, 2008

been busy as a bee...

a sewing bee that is...For the last two weeks I've been working on my qualification exam, scheduled for Sept 3rd. A few hours a day, I would take a "break" from the reading/thinking/writing and work on my "projects", which include:
1) making a personalized dress form
2) altering the neck, waist and length of a purple leopard print dress (i swear it isn't as tacky as it sounds, actually quite gorgeous imo).
3) convert a tartan shirt into tartan paper bag skirt
4) convert a 80's poof dress into a skirt
5) convert a plain knee length pencil skirt into a mini zippered skirt inspired by F08

Boy have I done a lot! did i even have time to work on my proposal? lol I will have pictures up as SOON as i find my camera charger, doh!

come back soon to see my how-to guides for making your very own dress form and before&after shots of all my creations ;)


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