Aug 20, 2008

Helsinki Candid: HEL LOOKS

I forgot how I came across to this website but I think Street Snaps are always the cutest way to catch people looking cute. Makes (at least) me wanna believe you can walk around and spot people wearing the most unbelievable combinations of colors people can imagine. HEL LOOKS is one of the friendliest sites I like to stroll. Credits to Helsinki for the spirit. Where would I spot there people in the day time in SD?? BTW> I've been meaning to find colored Dr.Martens like the guy in this photo for myself. Any good websites to check?? Hmm.


ifyouonlyknew said...

my suggestions ranked from cheapest to most expensive:

1) ebay

Good Luck searching ;)

michelle said...

there are more than 5 topshop branches here in manila :)

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