Jul 20, 2008

I still remember the time when I first learned about Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (NAS). I was a junior in HS, and one of my best-girlfriends, Kara who was always a very classy dresser, was showing me all these items she just bought with her step-mother from the NAS. It was in the dead of summer, and she had just bought some killer booties and a leather jacket. my first impression was WTF, but then she told me the 411 about NAS. For those of you whom still don't really know about, the idea is GENIUS! Each summer, Nordstrom has it's sale which isn't like regular sales. They put FALL items on sale. Not from last season, but for the up-and-coming season. Isn't that mind blowing? Well it was for me. Since then, every July, I anticipate the upcoming NAS and peruse my closet to plan what I need to buy ;) The following are my potential purchases... I may buy them from NAS or from another "cheaper" source .

Now if only i had a spare $600 ... hmm eating nothing but ramen noodles for a whole month may be worth it! :P

all images from nordstrom

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Anonymous said...

wow you have bangs now!! i love it<333 It makes you look so much younger too... no wonder the hot thirty-something year olds are looking in to them.. it's a painless snip.

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