Sep 5, 2008

Going Onyx

Two weeks ago I went home to San Diego after a major exam :/ and met up with Yuki to go to Onyx (lounge/club). Since I had literally packed up in 5mins I didn't pack enough "night" pieces

.... so I had the lovely Miss Yuki come over to play dress up with what I had and what she was inspired to bring. After looking at all I texted her, Yuki liked the stripped tank + my make-shift black tube skirt (a black tank top worn as a skirt! lol) Well after wearing it, it felt toooo punky so I shifted through my luggage a bit more and found my fabulous Chanel shirt I thrifted a few months ago + the make-shift skirt + Yuki's blue tights + Yuki's ankle boots + a bazzilion chains and VOILA I had my outfit :) Oh, I can't for get, I dug out my pyramid belt from my punk rock years (def brought it back up to the bay :P).

Caffeinecat: I was really impressed with what she brought and combined together. The striped tank was getting too punky like an outfit that you might find in hot topic (no offense). When she put on the Chanel T-shirt, it Especially worked so well I was surprised! The blue tights looks bright in the photo but it actually looked like black with a hint of blue for reflection... I loved it!
On the other hand.. I was super stoked about the shiny leggings from members only. Although American Apparel did release the look last fall, we haven't seen much in San Diego yet. For the top, I threw on a second hand silver leopard tank with a pashmina I got in New York. It was a total American Apparel look which I took in delight. Shiny and smooth like a shamu.

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